Trial Lessons

Trial lessons vouchers are the ideal gift for friends or family whatever the occasion.  Take a trial lesson with us and watch the beautiful Northumbrian countryside roll on beneath you as you take the controls with our British Gliding Association rated instructor watching you all the way.

There are two types of trial lesson of which you can choose. These are the Winch Launch and The Aerotow.  The winch launch usually lasts between 5 to 10 minutes on a normal day but can last up to half and hour when the weather is very good.  The Aerotow usually lasts about 15 minutes from 2000 ft. but as already mentioned, it can last longer depending on conditions.

For more information on flying gliders and what to expect on the trial lesson then please visit our online Visitor Guide.

How much does a Trial lesson cost and what other benefits do I receive?

Aerotow to 2000 ft.            60.00*

Winch Launch                     30.00*

*Includes 28 days trial membership to the club where by you can come back any flying day and fly at club rates plus 5.00 per day.

For information on purchasing Trial Lessons and Gift Vouchers, please e-mail Stewart Campbell at 

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